Gowans Feed Consulting - Your Partner
in Boosting Production, Reducing Costs and Improving Profitability.

Since 1990, Gowans Feed Consulting has provided nutrition, production management, and cost reduction consulting services to many of western Canada’s independent pork producers. More recently, Gowans has expanded its expertise and area of operations and is now extending these same services to pork, poultry and beef producers across Canada, as well as in select international markets.

The focus of the company is on improving net returns on our clients’ farms. We achieve this by:
• providing an independently-based nutrition program which maximizes income over feed and operating costs
• applying our expertise in proper ingredient selection and feed manufacturing to decrease overall feeding costs
• providing on-site production management support to increase productivity and efficiency
• imparting and demonstrating the latest feeding and management information generated from our cooperative
and in-house research activities

In our daily endeavours, Gowans seeks to always:
• conduct business with integrity and a long-term perspective
• treat our clients and business partners as equals with a common goal of improving profitability