Gowans Feed Consulting is committed to continuous improvement by conducting its own research as well as staying abreast of new developments through regular contact with researchers around the world.


At a commercial scale swine finishing research facility in Alberta we conduct trials on feed ingredients and management practices that are pertinent to our clients’ needs, and then share the information with them.

Feeding recommendations for some newer ingredients such as
distillers dried grains (DDGS) produced by the ethanol industry,
and various pulse crops such as lentils and fababeans have been
developed here. 

Gowans Feed Consulting staff also advises and collaborates on
research done at various public institutions such as the Prairie
Swine Center, the University of Alberta, and the Agriculture and
Agri Food Canada research stations at Lethbridge and Lacombe.

Through our association with the US Grains Council, Gowans Feed
Consulting has been able to obtain funding for technology transfer to demonstrate the use and feeding of corn DDGS for Canadian livestock and poultry producers. We continue to participate in large scale feeding trials using this product in beef feedlots, swine finishing operations, and turkey and broiler farms.

We are also committed to the training of new entrants to the field of animal nutrition, and sponsor a graduate student assistantship at the Prairie Swine Centre. This award is aimed at boosting experience and education in commercial swine production, nutrition, and feed manufacturing for potential graduates entering the animal nutrition industry.