If you’re a pork, poultry, or beef producer, you can benefit from our feed consulting services by improving your farm’s margin over feed and facility costs. By tapping into our expertise in feed procurement and formulation you’ll be taking important steps to ensure long-term success.



What Makes Gowans Different?

• our business is providing knowledge. We do not market or represent any products or other services and we maintain our independence
• our professional nutritionists work solely in our customers’ best interests 
• we have one of the most knowledgeable and experienced nutrition teams in the business. All have obtained M.Sc. or Ph.D. Degrees in nutritional sciences and collectively represent over a century of experience
• our nutritionists are supported by our in-house lab which uses NIR technology to obtain actual and instant ingredient profiles on various feed ingredients, thereby resulting in more accurate formulations
• we pride ourselves in conducting business as professionals and all of our consultants are fully certified or in training as Professional Agrologists with their respective governing institutes

How We Work

• we’ll initially visit your operation to ensure that we fully understand the nutritional requirements and feeding
management of your stock
• if your feed is to be sourced off-farm, we’ll set up the necessary toll manufacturing agreements to ensure
transparency in feed pricing and accountability on ingredient costs
• our nutritionists will supply you with optimum cost diet formulas that are updated routinely as ingredient
prices and production conditions change
• we’ll communicate with you routinely to assess how our formulas are working and make adjustments based on your feedback. We’ll also visit your farm and make further recommendations based on what we see